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Brides Who Know matches you with suitable wedding photographers who are available on your wedding day.

Over the years, we have built up an incredible network with amazing wedding photographers from all over Australia.

We know photographers who specialise in private farm weddings. We know photographers who are best at opulent weddings with a 300+ guest list. We can recommend you with wedding photographers who are great with quirky/shy/introvert people. We can recommend you with wedding photographers best known for their candid photos and we can recommend you with wedding photographers who are the best at directing you to ensure that you look your best.

Our FREE service saves brides and grooms (on average) up to 8+ hours on their wedding planning!

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  • FYI: the median price for an established wedding photographer across Australia is $3,000. We recommend that you have a budget of at least $2,500 to guarantee good results.
Bendooley Estate - Hilary Cam
Bradleys Head - Justin Aaron
Wedding At The Grounds Of Alexandria
Jaspers Berry - Hilary Cam
MCA - Justin Aaron
Dance floor by Justin Aaron
Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer Ben Howland